Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by Jack C. Richards is a fundamental source that could be helpful for different stakeholders, including official bodies, administrative staff, curriculum developers, teachers, teacher educators, and researchers who are interested in curriculum design and development. Its second edition being published in 2017, the book covers all the concepts that are in the heart of curriculum development, and as the author makes it clear in the introduction, it aims to describe and examine how a curriculum could be designed and implemented in and for language teaching and learning contexts. In the book, the concept of curriculum is treated both as a product and a process and at the end of each chapter, contemporary issues related to curriculum development are presented with sample cases and situations from different teaching and learning contexts. The chapters basically focus on the nature of curriculum, different types of syllabuses, needs analysis, curriculum aims and outcomes, course planning, curriculum and technology, and curriculum evaluation. The book also provides questions to reflect on within and at the end of each chapter. The author is far from being too technical or too long in the explanation of concepts, making the book easy to follow and helping readers understand the key concepts related to the matter without feeling overwhelmed or lost.