Approaches and Principles in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Education edited by Servet Çelik (2018) is a book that brings together the articles written by different scholars across Turkey. Focusing on foreign language teaching methods in the twentieth and twenty first centuries, the book serves as a guide for language teachers and students to deepen their knowledge in foreign language teaching.

Similar to the commonly used book by Larsen-Freeman (2011) Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching, the book consists of 26 chapters in more than 400 pages. The authors in the book try to present the theoretical base for each and every method in foreign language teaching. They explain the historical background of each method, and they provide sample lesson plans to show how one particular method could be applied in a real foreign language classroom; this helps readers to see the connection between the theory of language teaching and its practice better. The book further provides small in and out of class tasks for readers to reflect on the topics. In addition to foreign language teaching methods, there are some chapters in the book that target specifically different research concerns in the field of language teaching such as reflective practice, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, teaching culture, integration of technology, CEFR, political aspect of English, NLP, multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, and strategy training.

The practical presentation of the methods in each chapter and presentation of different concerns in the field of EFL teaching is one strength of the book that makes it even more useful for pre-service EFL teachers in Turkish context. Therefore, it would be plausible to suggest that EFL teacher educators could consider using this book in the education of pre-service EFL teachers in FLE teaching programs and choose or suggest it as one of their main textbooks for their methodology classes.