“Teach and Go” ……. Is it that simple for teachers? Teachers are not mechanical beings that only do their teaching. They are beyond their physical existence; they are the souls that carry out their mission with some emotional baggage full of job satisfaction, morale, stress, anger, anxiety, burnout, self-efficacy, and motivation, and more. Teachers have their inner world that ultimately affects their practices. Leading with Teacher Emotions in Mind by Leithwood and Beatty (2007), in this respect, draws attention to teachers’ inner worlds as, in their words, “understanding teacher emotions would seem to be at the heart of understanding why teachers act as they do” (p.7). The book consists of seven chapters, each of which discusses teacher emotions from a different perspective. Throughout the book, authors present their claims based on the empirical literature, and they support their claims with the actual cases of teachers. The book reviews “the effects of … cluster of emotions on teachers’ performance and/or student learning and identifies the leadership practices and other working conditions known to influence those emotions” (p.9). The book targets educational leaders for whom teacher emotions might be essential for administrative purposes, yet it could also be enlightening for teachers who are experiencing different emotions at different stages of their careers. One reminder could be that the book does not focus primarily on English teachers and the target setting is the US. Regardless of their fields, educational leaders and teachers could still connect the content to their particular field and context. 


Leithwood, K., & Beatty, B. (Eds.). (2007). Leading with teacher emotions in mind. Corwin Press.