Literature and Language Teaching: A guide for teachers and trainers by Gillion Lazar is a very useful resource to use in language classrooms. As the author expresses in the introduction, the book may attract the attention of pre-service and in-service teachers, and those individual teachers working on their professional growth. The book could be helpful especially for those language teachers who have a background in literary studies but do not know how to make use of their knowledge in teaching. Published in 1993 by Cambridge University Press, the book provides both a theoretical and practical base on the integration of literature in language teaching/learning as well as selecting and evaluating literary texts and planning lessons across different genres including poetry, short stories, novels, and plays. One distinctive feature of the book is that it invites users of the book to think, reflect, respond to what they have read in the related chapters, complete some tasks that are specifically designed for potential users, and learn by doing. At the end of each chapter, the book also provides suggestions for further reading for users willing to go deeper on the matter. Although the book dates back to the 1990s, it still deserves a chance to be explored.