The World of ELT Article Writing Guidelines

Items for inclusion in World of ELT are always welcome. We hope these guidelines will be of help. Please review these guidelines to ensure that your submission will receive full consideration.


  1. Please type your text double-spaced on A4, in Arial 11.
  2. Start with the article title, your name, biography with a photo of you, article text, your email and postal address.
  3. Please number each page clearly.
  4. Send your text as an email attachment to – [email protected] – as a Microsoft Word document.

Content: The World of ELT is not a refereed journal. We do not usually publish specialized, academic or highly theoretical papers. You can write under the following headings: practical ideas for the English Language classroom, an ELT book review, and articles related to the field of ELT, classroom stories, introduction of a technological tool, news from around the world, and fun stuff. 

Length: Please write between 800 words and 1700 words including no more than 5 references.

Illustrations: Please number each diagram, chart, etc. and indicate clearly where each one is to appear. Illustrations should be sent via email attachment and formatted as JPEG or TIFF (Hi-res) files. Please do not send low resolution files. A photo or image related to your text (to appear on the website next to the title of your article) is required.

Legal: We assume that your article/review has neither been previously published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.  All submissions must accurately and completely credit their sources, including student material and online sources. Copyright rules apply to online as well as published content.

References: Avoid footnotes. References made in the text should be listed at the end. Please ensure that the information is correct and list these in alphabetical order, as follows: author(s), date of publication, Title (in italic script), Place of Publication, Publisher

e.g. Johnson, D.W., & Johnson, R.T. (1999).  Learning Together and Alone: Cooperative, Competitive, and Individualistic Learning (5thed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

For Journals and electronic quotations, we follow the model: Author/Editor. Year of publication. Title [online]. Place of publication: Publisher. Available from URL [Accessed date].

e.g. Kathleen M. Armour & Martin R. Yelling (2004) Continuing professional development for experienced physical education teachers: towards effective provision, Sport, Education and Society, 9:1, 95-114. Available from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/1357332042000175836 [Accessed 15 July 2007].

Biographical: Please include not more than 40 words about where you work, your experience and/or qualifications, areas of interest or research and anything else of relevance at the top of the article.

Style: You should try to make your article as clear to read as possible and avoid all language that may be offensive to others (e.g. sexist, racist and such terms).

Titles, headings and subheadings: The editor reserves the right to insert/alter titles and headings where appropriate. Please do not use more than three levels of headings and subheadings.

Acronyms and abbreviations: Please spell these out in full the first time, capitalising the first letters, followed by the acronym in brackets, e.g. English Teachers’ Association of Switzerland (ETAS).

Copy Deadlines can be found on page 1 of each issue of Updated Community. Thank you for your effort all through this work. Copy to Aslı Altuntaş and Nurda Karadeniz Kayalı, Editors at [email protected].


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